There are several Key Factors which must be considered to ensure a successful coating application. The ERS philosophy of providing an engineered resin solution for every application and then standing behind everything that we do ensures the success of a project for all our customers.

Whether your project demands the restoration of your power plant infrastructure, or to ensure the future efficiency and reduced operation costs of your oil refinery, ERS is dedicated to your successful outcome.

  • Understanding the operating conditions.
– Wet or dry conditions
– Contamination
– Temperature parameters, freeze / thaw cycles, rapid changes and spikes
– Acid or chemical attack
– Torque, twisting or flexing
– Impact conditions
– Corrosion considerations
– Cure time available
  • Selection of the right product for long term service
  • Preparation of the correct work scope
  • Proper application procedure
  • Independent Inspection to ensure adherence to guidelines and provide verifiable documentation of application procedures, conditions and coating system.

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