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  • ASME approved Weld, Machine, Repair, Blast and Coat Systems
  • Pick up at your location
  • Salt-X removal of salts and contaminates from critical areas
  • Code weld and re-machine gasket surfaces
  • White metal blast and apply protective coating
  • Prime coat exterior and stencil I.D.
  • Return heat exchanger components ready to install
  • Daily status updates for critical path planning
  • Inspection reports with photos of each step of the process

Floating Head Rehab

Floating Head Rehab Tubesheet Rehabilitation

Floating Head Failure This pix shows the typical failure at the leading edge of floating head. ERS Rehabilitation includes Blasting to removed all failed coating and corrosion. Salt-X to draw out chlorides and other contaminants. Welding and machining at Schmidt to re-establish the proper mating surfaces. Blast again to remove salt bloom, other contaminants and properly prepare the surface for coating applicationApply 2 coats of ERS-5400 Channel Guard 5400 HP @ 8-10 mil/coat within overcoating window. Apply 1 coat of ERS-5600 Rino Glass…
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Channel Box – Competitive Coating Failure

Channel Box – Competitive Coating Failure Tubesheet Rehabilitation

Channel Clint Rupert examines the total failure of a competitive coating system after only 5 months in service due to an hydrofluoric acid leak. ERS rehabilitation system Channel Box is blasted to remove all failed coatings. ERS Salt-X application to remove all chlorides and other contaminants. Channel Box is blasted again to remove salt bloom and properly prepare surface for coating. 3 coats of ERS-5600 Rino Glass are applied at 6-8 mils to provide an ultra smooth finish and extreme protection against corrosion from cooling water and future…
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Cast Iron Flow Heads

Cast Iron Flow Heads Tubesheet Rehabilitation

Cast Iron Flow Heads for Lube Oil Cooler Severe erosion and corrosion to cast iron flow heads had these components headed to the scrap heap as they could not be welded and re-machined.  Replacement parts were not only expensive, but would delay the turnaround by 10-14 days at an astronomical cost to the refinery.  ERS committed to the repair and having the components completed within 28-hours. The Solution The flow heads were blasted and treated with Salt-X to remove entrained salts from the cooling water. Then, they… read more


Tubesheet Rehabilitation

Tubesheet Rehabilitation Tubesheet Rehabilitation

Tubesheet Erosion Severe erosion and de-alloying of the tubesheet with leaks around the tubes can send a $300,000 tube bundle to the scrap heap. ERS Bundle Rehab The ERS Bundle Rehab includes: Blasting and Salt-X to remove entrained chlorides. Plugging the tubes and rebuild the surface over the plugs with ERS-5400 Channel Guard HP Paste Grade. After grinding flush and removing the plugs a final coat of ERS-5400 Channel Guard Liquid Grade is applied to provide a monolithic system with an improved, smooth…read more