Water Leak 15 Inch Pipe

Water Leak 15 Inch Pipe

Leak 15-in water main at 60 psi

The leak in the Dehex cooling water riser was exacerbated by being 1-in above a flange and just 2-in from a dog-ear, which ruled out conventional clamps.  ERS was called in to avoid a costly emergency outage;

After a thorough on-site assessment, the ERS engineering team designed a simple Leak Trap and had this rolled to suit the OD of the pipe and fabricated at Schmidt.

The Leak Trap incorporated an oversize relief pipe and gate valve to carry away the leaking water during sealing.

7 Valve Turned Off and Hose Removed_15-1-10

The Leak Trap was quickly slipped into place and temporarily fastened with ratchet clamps.  ERS-406 Leak Guard, which cures in less than 7 minutes at 75°F, was applied to seal residual leaks around the Leak Trap.

A sonar tube was placed over the riser and Leak Trap installation with the relief pipe and gate valve on the outside.  This was then filled with ERS T-Screed and allowed to cure for 2 hours.

The valve was closed and the water stopped completely.

Another satisfied customer.  ERS partnering in action.