Channel Box – Competitive Coating Failure

Channel Box – Competitive Coating Failure


Clint Rupert examines the total failure of a competitive coating system after only 5 months in service due to an hydrofluoric acid leak.

ERS rehabilitation system

  • Channel Box is blasted to remove all failed coatings.
  • ERS Salt-X application to remove all chlorides and other contaminants.
  • Channel Box is blasted again to remove salt bloom and properly prepare surface for coating.
  • 3 coats of ERS-5600 Rino Glass are applied at 6-8 mils to provide an ultra smooth finish and extreme protection against corrosion from cooling water and future hydrofluoric acid leaks.
  • The final clear coat of ERS-5600 is trailed up over the leading edges of the partition plate and gasket surface, nubbin and out to the bolt circle.  This thin layer does not crack at the nubbin, but forms a monolithic coating system from the gasket surface to all wetted surface areas.

Tubesheet Rehabilitation