Cast Iron Flow Heads

Cast Iron Flow Heads

Cast Iron Flow Heads for
Lube Oil Cooler

Severe erosion and corrosion to cast iron flow heads had these components headed to the scrap heap as they could not be welded and re-machined. 

Replacement parts were not only expensive, but would delay the turnaround by 10-14 days at an astronomical cost to the refinery.  ERS committed to the repair and having the components completed within 28-hours.

The Solution

Tubesheet Rehabilitation

The flow heads were blasted and treated with Salt-X to remove entrained salts from the cooling water. Then, they were blasted again to remove all contaminants and properly prepare the surface.

The circumferential gasket surface was completely eroded away in some areas and this was rebuilt to oversize with ERS-306 Metal Build Paste.

All pitted areas will also rebuilt and restored to profile with ERS-306 Metal Build Paste.

After sanding and filing to ensure gasket surfaces were correctly established, 3 coats of ERS-5400 Channel Guard HP were applied @ 8-10 mil/coat to completely protect all surfaces.

This job was worked around the clock to meet the customer deadline and the eight components were delivered back to the refinery just 27 hours after accepting the job.

Once again, ERS keeps their customers happy.